Last year in March, I updated you through this column about the 2024 rehabilitation plans for Leila Avenue. These plans were initiated by a motion I tabled at City Council. I am pleased to share that in the coming weeks, Public Works will be using hot asphalt to make longer-lasting repairs on Leila Avenue’s westbound lanes from McGregor to McPhillips and eastbound lanes from McPhillips to the Soccer Complex area.

During winter and early spring, the constant freezing and thawing of ice and snow weakens the pavement, which leads to cracking. This stress, combined with the weight of vehicles from increased traffic, creates potholes. This is one of the many reasons why I continue to advocate for the extension of Chief Peguis Trail, as it will help decrease the volume of heavy, regular traffic on Leila.

The full renewal of Leila Avenue is planned for after the water and waste department completes its sewer separation project. This project includes the design and construction of a new sewer line and other green infrastructure on the street, beginning in 2025.

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