Wednesday, August 31, 2022

New requirements for designated medical cannabis growers
Designated cannabis production facilities no longer permitted in residential areas under new licensing program

Winnipeg, MB – Designated medical cannabis growers in Winnipeg will require a Designated Growers Licence as of Tuesday, September 6, 2022, as changes to the City of Winnipeg’s Community Safety Business Licensing By-law come into effect.

Earlier this year, City Council approved changes to several bylaws that restrict growing cannabis in residential neighbourhoods.

Under the new licensing program, designated medical cannabis growers must have the new licence to operate a designated cannabis production facility – or in other words, a site used to produce a limited amount of medical cannabis on behalf of someone with a medical prescription. In addition, the facility must be located in an industrial zone.

The licence is required for anyone authorized by Health Canada to produce cannabis for medical use on behalf of a specific individual(s). It is not needed for anyone producing cannabis for their own personal medical use, or for commercial growers.

The Designated Growers Licence checklist is available to assist applicants in gathering all required documents before applying.

For more information, including licence fees and a full list of requirements, see: