I’ve often heard former Winnipeg mayor Susan Thompson say that the Winnipeg Art Gallery is our city’s largest community centre.

Susan has a long history with WAG and is currently the opening co-ordinator of Qaumajuq, the gallery’s new Inuit art centre. Her statement truly resonated. With its showcasing of art, culture, and musical events, the WAG truly does bring the city together, and now, in 2021, it is opening up its doors in many new ways.

This will be the inaugural year of Qaumajuq, which is connected to the WAG on all levels. The new, 40,000 square-foot building aims to amplify the voices of artists and promote cultural understanding. I was excited to walk by the new glass entrance at Memorial Boulevard and St. Mary Avenue and look inside to see the three-storey glass vault showcasing thousands of Inuit carvings.

Today I’d like to share with you some of the plans the WAG has for bringing Qaumajuq to Winnipeggers of all ages and backgrounds.

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