A new community-created cookbook brings together beloved recipes from Manitobans, in support of The Welcome Home, a mission based in North Point Douglas that feeds under-resourced families.

The Pandemic Survival Faithful Favorites Comfort Food Recipes book includes more than 280 ideas for appetizers, side and main dishes, and desserts. The fundraiser was organized by the Knights of Columbus, Canon Luhovy Assembly #037.

“Spending time cooking and baking this last year has been a coping mechanism for many as we endure the stress of the pandemic. In my home it has been no different — my husband will tell you baking loaf after loaf of banana bread was on repeat,” Sharma said in a news release.

While Sharma contributed her banana bread recipe, Santos took the opportunity to share her Filipino heritage in a chicken adobo recipe. “Food is a universal language that brings us together,” she said.

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